Lucy Liu - the new All-American Girl?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

As Lipstick Jungle already seems to be an afterthought, it seems fitting then that Lucy Liu and Cashmere Mafia are still getting favorable writeups - and Joyce Tang wonders if Lucy Liu is the New All-American Girl:

Over the past few decades Asian Americans have been slowly eking their way into casting rooms and onto sets in Hollywood. (Think Lost, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Entourage, Gilmore Girls, etc.). Exposure is a good thing, but Asian Americans for the most part are still relegated to ancillary roles.

In Cashmere Mafia, Mia isn’t immediately identifiable as the protagonist via voiceovers a la Carrie Bradshaw, but she’s clearly the leader of her pack. And Liu has first billing (plus the most star power out of the cast).

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