Alec Baldwin, Rick Murphy, and The Independent

Sunday, February 10, 2008

In a previous post I ranted on Rick Murphy, who wrote a racist op-ed piece in The Independent, which caters mostly to an affluent white crowd - and apparently some of them, including Actor Alec Baldwin, didn't like the racist "satire" either:

Alec Baldwin joined dozens of Hamptons residents at a town hall meeting to voice outrage over the racist, sexist writings of a community newspaper columnist.

Many of the 60 people demanded editor Rick Murphy be fired from the Independent Newspaper Group for columns written in the supposed voice of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
If I was Rick Murphy, I'd step on down now because the next thing you know, first it's a voicemail detailing out the dates and times Alec's going to come down to kick his ass, and the next thing you know - it's a roundhouse to the head.