Yahoo, Jerry, News Corp, MS, and now Condoleezza?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Jerry,

I know you feel guilty about breaking down and getting some Chinese journalists jailed - I mean I can feel you on that one because my conscience would be talking about what a traitor I was as well even if like you said you were put in a hard position.

But let's get real here shall we? You have Microsoft going directly to your shareholders to take over your company. You have News Corp. who you've been dealing with to try and see how you can get a deal done there - and that's not really going anywhere. And at the same time your company still needs to get its a** in gear no matter you do so you can somehow capitalize on the strengths your company has left (because you know you don't want to get Google involved).

So I ask you dear Jerry - what the hell are you doing sending a letter to Condoleezza Rice asking for the State Department to help out in the release of the Chinese "dissidents" that you in fact help put away?

I know you're still working on some PR issues, but don't you have enough on your plate already?