Workplace Discrimination: You want to play like a racist, you've got to pay like a racist

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A little late with posting these as they've happened over the past month - but check out some of these settlements from employers and unions that have to pay out because of discriminatory practices based on race and national origin:

Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local 28 (New York): $6.2 million dollars to 156 employees

This case actually has roots as far back as 1971 - so while it's a win, it's kind of sad that it's taken so long - but at the same time, it's being hailed as a historic settlement because of the rights it gives to sheet metal workers. The basic crux of the settlement is that 156 minority workers from the Local 28 lost wages as a result of being referred to fewer job opportunities when compared to their white counterparts - and finally - after years of going back and forth - it's been settled.

Henredon Furniture Industries: $450,000

According to the settlement, since 1986, African American workers have had to endure shots of racist language thrown at them with no help from the management of the company - and in addition to verbal harassment - as if that wasn't enough - also have had to endure threats of being lynched via nooses pictured all over the furniture plant where they worked.

While I'm glad to see these getting settled and some justice finally getting served - when will business finally get a clue?