Sweet Seduction: Kat 010's Natural Phenomenons

Friday, February 22, 2008

Kat Ouano, the keyboardist from Crown City Rockers, released her debut album a couple of months ago called Natural Phenomenons - a trip hop and experimental excursion into music that Kat describes as "sweet seductive sounds" and "music to mentally massage your mind" - and she's definitely right - the music is filled with lush layers that just vibe.

The instrumental album comes either as a standard CD, or a limited edition POP-UP version. Check the info from the artist herself:

With this ever changing world of music, it seems to me that music is getting more and more disposable by the minute. Of course, we all have to, as a fact of survival, adapt with change and embrace these new technologically mastered days. And I am definitely one that loves technology, but, no longer is the day you wait in line at the record store and purchase that long awaited album from your favorite band/group and treasure the actual existence of it, reading the liner notes, examining the artwork, staring at the pictures, and holding it. Today, losing a song doesn't mean that you've misplaced your album, it either means you've deleted it from your playlist, or you're hard drive crashed.

Making this Limited Edition Pop Up CD is my romantic way of making the music personal again. Each Pop up CD is imagined, handcrafted and assembled by me, and if you choose, it can be autographed and dedicated.
To find out more about Kat 010 and listen to some sample tracks, go to her MySpace page, or check out the official page for her CD where you can pick it up.