Race Roundup

Friday, February 01, 2008

Some news from around the way:

8 file racism lawsuit against Bridgestone-Firestone

Eight workers at a Bridgestone-Firestone plant in Des Moines are suing the company. They claim they were subjected to years of racial jokes and threats. In a lawsuit filed this week in Polk County, the eight workers, all black, claim they were referred to as slaves by co-workers who compared them to monkeys and displayed nooses and swastikas.
Racism remains alive in El Paso

There are many in our community who dedicate their lives to our brothers and sisters with no thought to gender, ethnicity, nationality, or immigration status. They are color-blind and El Paso proud. Are you?
Acknowledging, not promoting, racism

It would be easy to pretend that the racist letters sent last week to hundreds of Notre Dame students were meaningless garbage. It would be easy to quickly toss them in the trash without a second glance - although their message would certainly continue to trouble many recipients. It would be easy to do, but it wouldn't solve anything.
Campbell reluctant to report racism

GOLD Coast fullback Preston Campbell believes rugby league players could be reluctant to report on-field racism following the recent treatment of cricketer Andrew Symonds.
Comedy Trio Tackles Racism

NWC, the politically-charged show coming to Phi Beta Kappa Hall this Saturday uses sketch comedy, slam poetry and song to deconstruct racist attitudes and terminology.
John McCain and g**ks

Here McCain plays on his reputation as a war hero and POW to justify his actions. And if the comments on this article are at all representative of the public, many people feel that he is justified as well. Additionally, why is he refraining from using the g-word? Because of "regret"? He says "I don’t want to feel the fire." So maybe he regrets being slightly burned, but not that he was lighting the matches.