Asian Americans and Clinton

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

While the Asian American community has come out in support of Obama - which is great to see - at the same time, Asian Americans have been coming out for Clinton as well - and in some cases that seemed to be one of the factors in how Clinton won some of the larger states (as much as you can call them wins):

Asian American Voters Favor Clinton & McCain In Northeast

New York… Asian American voters in New York and New Jersey, two states with the largest Asian American populations in the Northeast, gave overwhelming support to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in the "Super Tuesday" presidential primary elections.
Super Tuesday and Chinese Voters

Chinese Americans definitely don't comprise the large voting blocks of other minorities, but they definitely made their voices heard. Many Super Tuesday states had sizeable populations of Asian American voters, like New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois, and Minnesota.
Asian Americans help Clinton, McCain win

Asian American voters in California overwhelmingly threw their support to Hillary Clinton and John McCain in Tuesday's primary, according to exit polls. Clinton took 75 percent of the Asian American vote and McCain got 66 percent, according to MSNBC's exit poll, in California, the biggest prize in Tuesday's primaries.
No matter who you're voting for - I think it's great that so many Asian Americans came out in such large numbers to support their chosen candidate and that they had such an impact in Super Tuesday.