Debbie Huey & Bumperboy

Monday, February 25, 2008

The San Francisco Examiner came out with an article featuring Debbie Huey and her comic Bumperboy. Who is Bumperboy?

The hero of our stories, Bumperboy was born and raised in the Land of Bubtopia. He is always eager to learn and discover new things, as well as explore places he has never visited. He loves to meet new friends. Bumperboy is an avid marble player and one of the fastest borpers in Bubtopia. He wears a white rubber suit to protect him from high-speed borping. He is a bit on the competitive side, but he knows how to be a good sport. Bumperboy also enjoys watching cowboy movies and eating gummy worms in his spare time.
Check the full SF Examiner article here, and Bumperboy down at