Race Roundup

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some new from across the way:

Racist Hate Mail Probed at NH Prep School

Police, the FBI, and the US Postal Service are investigating hate mail sent to black students at an elite prep school, the New York Times reports. Sources say students at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire received letters containing their photos from the school's directory with the words "bang bang get out of here" beneath. The letters had apparently been posted from a nearby town.
Second South Carolina deputy acknowledges racist remarks

A federal judge in Florida must decide if the actions and racist banter of two South Carolina sheriff's deputies are enough to dismiss evidence against two Egyptian students arrested with explosives material. Attorneys in Tampa have spent two days picking apart the August 4th traffic stop by Berkeley County sheriff's deputies near Goose Creek. Two deputies who stopped Youssef Samir Megahed and Ahmed Abdellatif Sherif Mohamed have said they made racist statements, equating them to the Taliban and joking about them being suicide bombers.
Sen. McKague's racist resolution

It seems that one of our very own senators, Shirley McKague, wants Congress to do something about the number of illegal immigrants in Idaho. The good senator thinks that the president and Congress should remove the birthright citizenship of children of illegal immigrants. I really hope Congress has more sense (I have no hope for the president).
Racist Attacks on Obama Growing More Heated

With the selection of Barack Obama as the first black Democratic nominee for president seeming more possible by the day, racists and white supremacists are posting increasingly ugly and even threatening remarks on the Internet.