No love for Spielberg - but his movies are O.K.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Apparently Spielberg is still getting hit with criticism for pulling out of the Beijing Olympics:

Hollywood film-maker Steven Spielberg has been ridiculed in the Chinese media and on the Internet for living in a "sci-fi" dream world over his decision to sever ties with the Beijing Olympics.

"Mr. Spielberg knows nothing about China's endeavor to solve the Darfur issue," Xinhua quoted a commentary in the Guangming Daily as saying. "He is unqualified to blame the Chinese government."

One posting said: "The US slaughters civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Director Spielberg, don't you feel ashamed being an American? You don't criticize your own country, then how can you criticize China?".
You've got to start wondering how this might all play out - and if bigger things are going to start happening - but then again - as long as everyone still loves E.T. - maybe this will all blow over:

But Spielberg's work has been spared criticism, according to the Xinhua report, because Chinese people still loved his movies. It quoted Xinghe, a Chinese writer, as saying that the US producer had inspired Chinese youngsters who love science fiction.

"He has great talent. We are regretful over his decision, but we can still enjoy his movies," he said.