APA's Getting Heard

Monday, July 21, 2008

There's a good story on the youth vote, being involved in the election, and just making sure that their voices are heard down at the Pacific Citizen:

Shandon Phan, 28, wonders why he was unable to find a pro-McCain group for Asian Americans on the Internet.

'He's a great candidate. Why is there no group out there?' he wondered.

The young law student took the situation into his own hands by starting Asian Americans for McCain, an independent group focused on reaching out to those interested in Sen. John McCain. With about 10 active members, the group hopes to make an impact by recruiting voters and branching out into the community.

Young Asian Pacific Americans like Phan have been moved by the 2008 presidential candidates and have taken the initiative to make a difference, campaigning for the candidates of their choices and working to get involved in the political process.
While I'm not sure I'd put my stock in McCain - especially if you're betting on the election (at least in a win/lose situation) - as long as you're getting involved, what more can anyone really ask for?