The Fat Princess, Asian Americans, and Ben Silverman

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So I was reading this article down at Yahoo! Games called Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess which is basically about sites who have an issue with the main character in a new Sony game, who you can help escape capture by locking her up, and feeding her with cake so she gets ginormous and isn't easy for your enemies to haul away (which seems to be the object - but that's really besides the point).

Ben Silverman (the dumbass who wrote the article) while quoting out some sites who are against the game (like Melissa McEwan from Shakesville and Feminist Gamer's "Mighty Ponygirl") makes it a point to end his article with this:

Sony has yet to issue an official response, although Joystiq did receive a particularly informative update from James Green, Fat Princess' lead art director, who clued gamers in on the origins of the game:

"Does it make it better or worse that the concept artist (who designed the look, characters, everything) is a girl?"

Hmmm...hope the game's detractors don't mind eating a bit of crow.
So let me see if I get Silverdick right - because you know - I don't want to get this wrong. If a girl created it - it's O.K.? So it doesn't matter what type of girl she is? She speaks for everyone? Because she's the all knowing I know better than everyone else girl?

What gets me about this is that this is the same thing people do when it comes to race, racism, and the camera rolling to an Asian person when someone does an Asian joke - because if they like it - if that one Asian person who happens to be there likes it - well then - it must be fucking good then doesn't it? It couldn't possibly be some racist piece of crap spewing from some hack's mouth right?

Does no one else except white males have any sort of individuality where one doesn't speak for all?

Not women. Sure as hell not black people. And forget about us Asian people - we're a fucking collective.

And while you might think I'm completely off for posting on this - I just can't help but go off on this type of generalized what the fuck are you thinking type of thought pattern because it's the same dumbass thinking that says "If Obama gets nominated that means that racism is gone!"

And you know these people are out there too (and I have to question if Silverman is one of them).

It's like I don't speak for all Asian Americans - and seriously, do you really want that - there's not one place, no matter what tagline they have, that does.

Because we're individuals.

I mean is this that tough to get?