Yong Hui Zhang Dies At 24

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As cynical as I can be at times, this story about Yong Hui Zhang who was carjacked, abducted, and killed on his way making deliveries still makes absolutely no sense to me, and I have to wonder how many people just think of an Asian American man who they see delivering food as just a throwaway piece of meat - that he doesn't matter - that he's nothing more than that. Even looking at the article that's linked up - they don't even use his real name in the headline - they just say "Chinese-food delivery driver murdered".

Here's what's happened:

A Chinese-food delivery driver missing since Thursday night following an apparent violent abduction in Fredericksburg, has been found murdered, according to the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Two abduction suspects, Jermaine Montgomery, 34, and his girlfriend Marcey White, 36, were arrested at a Wal-Mart in Franklin at about 5 p.m. on Saturday, according to police, who indicated that the investigation from there led to officers discovering the body of the delivery driver, Yong Hui Zhang, in nearby Sussex County [...]

Zhang, 24, left his parents’ China Express Restaurant at about 9:20 p.m. on Thursday night to make three deliveries. When Zhang had not returned to the restaurant, located at 1500 Jefferson Davis Hwy. in Fredericksburg, by closing time, his family called the police.

When officers went to 202 Charles St. — one of the delivery sites — they discovered evidence that indicated a crime was committed, including a large amount of blood. They also found a shoe believed to belong to Zhang.

According to the police, Zhang was presumed to be "gravely injured or incapacitated."
If anything, at least they were caught - but I'm sure that's not really any sort of consolation to his family.