Tatum Jones, David Choi, Kristine Sa, Thomas' Apartment, Kawehi, and Goh Nakamura

Monday, July 07, 2008

Some quick music notes on some upcoming shows and interviews:

The smooth R & B band Tatum Jones is going to be playing down at the Temple Bar on July 19th, and if you haven't checked out their music yet head on down to their MySpace page and take a listen.

Singer/songwriter/producer David Choi has a new interview down on OC Weekly which you can check out here.

Kristine SA along with Thomas' Apartment, VY, and The Shinobies will be playing down at Crash Mansion LA on July 29th (and on VHN-TV). For more info check out Kristine Sa's MySpace page.

Sweet Pop/Rock/Electronic artist Kawehi is getting ready for a NY 2008 tour. Check out her pages for more info on when her tour will begin (no date set yet).

Goh Nakamura is going to be playing on a double decker bus for a project called Audio Bus this July 19th, and is going to be providing the soundtrack for a 30-40 minute busride around San Francisco. Not sure if you can still get tickets to it - but I'm sure you'll be able to spot it. Check out his page for more info.