You Need Transparency

Monday, July 07, 2008

I was reading the article Feds investigate Rochester teacher's allegedly racist actions, and I have to wonder how people get away without having the transparency needed in the educational system - especially in a case where the teacher was alleged to have called her black students "monkeys" and spray them with water:

The teacher, Wendy Kaiser, was removed from the school in January and quietly reassigned to the School of Imaging and Information Technology at Edison in a shuffle that enraged Wilson parents and caught school board members off guard when they learned of it months later.

"No one knows the outcome of that investigation," Johnson said. "Was it founded? Was it unfounded? What was the protocol of the investigation? The school district hasn't told anybody anything."
Teachers have rights - and they have what can sometimes be thankless jobs where they're subject to sometimes false accusations - but in cases like this, it just behooves everyone to know what's going on.

Updated 2:50 PM - Because I had a grammar malfunction...