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Friday, July 18, 2008

Some links from around the way:

Shuffled! Theresa Vu of Magnetic North

Theresa Vu is a female emcee with no need for the “female” qualifier. Known for her sharp delivery and no-nonsense rhymes, Tvu has performed nationwide and turned heads from rap superstar Nelly to renowned civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama. She is one half of highly-touted Magnetic North, a duo who consistently ranks among MySpace’s top 10 unsigned hip hop bands in New York.
Satire of the Stupid

Aside from the racial insularity from which it emerges, this art fails on purely discursive grounds. You can't fight demeaning portrayals by actualizing them. If a woman is accused in sexist society of being ugly, the appropriate response is not to draw a picture of her looking extremely ugly according to certain patriarchal standards in order to chuckle about it. That doesn't work. The appropriate response is to undermine the entire set of underlying assumptions and beliefs which give potency to sexist slurs.
SPORTS ILLUSTRASIAN: Reebok Speaks Chine$e

Yao Ming returned to the hardcourt today from a foot injury for 12 minutes against Serbia in the Stankovic Cup, a pre-Olympic tune-up tournament. China won 96-72. Reports said that Yao Ming looked "rusty," but I doubt Reebok really gives a shit how he plays so long as his big ass is out there.
the asian guy in the dark knight

With the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight opening in theaters on Friday, we're probably looking at one of the biggest box office weekends of the summer. I have seen the movie, and it's pretty freaking fantastic. If you liked Batman Begins, this one's going to blow you away. That said... the movie wouldn't quite be complete without a few Asian bad guys.
Japanese Americans get the spotlight in Japanese American National Museum conference in Denver

The conference, which had the awkward and ungainly title but righteous theme of “Whose America? Who’s American?,” also brought more than 800 attendees and volunteers for the four-day span, meeting and greeting and learning about the history, present and future of not only Japanese Americans but also of Americans in general.
The Worst Kind of Wing

The wingman. She's always there if you're looking to have a good time when you want to go bar hopping. You can count on her to rescue you from a sticky situation that you can't get yourself out of. She's the best excuse to use when you're trying to ditch that sketchy guy who just won't leave you alone. She's the Thelma to your Louise. Most importantly, she's the best possible candidate that won't try to cock block you when you're trying to score digits from that cute blonde with the big hands.