Film: Half-Life

Monday, July 07, 2008

The movie Half-Life which I heard about via some MySpace bulletins - and not to be confused with the Web turned T.V. turned cancelled show Quarterlife - is a film by Jennifer Phang that's going to be playing down at Outfest during the LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival from July 9 - 21st - and it sounds pretty slick:

A recent American indie film gem, the wholly original and subtly humorous HALF-LIFE focuses on a Northern California community struggling to adapt as global chaos looms. Cynical 19-year-old Pam is fixated on her best friend - cute nerd Scott, a gay Korean adoptee who can’t resist throwing his sexuality in the faces of his fundamentalist parents. Pam’s brother Timothy keenly observes his surroundings, and with some special powers, might be able to alter everybody’s reality.
Check out here and here for more information.