Jodi Long Interview

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo From Asiance Magazine (Shannon Lin)

There's a good inteview down at Asiance Magazine with Filmmaker Jodi Long on her documentary Long Story Short:

Jodi Long is the actress you may recognize from Broadway, The Hot Chick, or Margaret Cho's mother in All American Girl, or currently as Eli Stone, a judge. Now she is a filmmaker herself and with the help of Christine Choy, the Chair of NYU’s Graduate Film and Television Department and Patricia Richardson (of Home Improvement) she has come out with an inspiring documentary called Long Story Short, about her parents' struggle as Asian American actors/vaudevillians in the 40's and 50's. The film details the lives of her parents' through photographs, pictures, their special appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1950 and snippets from her own monologue performances. She talks with her mother about the experience of being sent to a Japanese internment camp during WW2. Her father's experience as a Chinese-American is shown through the film and his early role on Broadway, in Flower Drum Song, which (the later version) Jodi herself was cast in.
Check out the full interview here.