Tropic Thunder, More Southeast Asians With Guns, And At Least In The Movies The U.S. Can Win In Vietnam

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another band of brothers on their way to shoot some Southeast Asians!

I've heard about this before, but more about RDJ's white man as a black man character, and while I'd have to see the movie to actually know if they're really saying something about race in an intelligent manner - I do know that at least from an Asian/Asian American character POV from everything they've shown - it's just another group of good 'ol boys from the U.S. taking it to my savage people in Southeast Asia.

'Cause you know - my peeps just live in the jungle and run drugs and grow up with machine guns.

I mean how else do you explain the U.S. government getting their ass handed to them in Vietnam?

Oh - I'm sorry - should I not have said that? Open up some old wounds? Feel like I'm denigrating lost lives?

Welcome to the club.

But don't worry if your still bleeding, because your prescription is simply a bunch of good 'ol boys (sans any Asian American good 'ol boys of course) in movies where the U.S. is taking it to a bunch of guerrilla drug running Southeast Asians.

Because if it didn't happen in real-life, at least it can happen in the movies right? And that's at least some consolation.

Yeah - I just might have to skip this one.