Carly Fiorina, John McCain, and Twittering

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Transcripts from a recent conversation between Carly Fiorina and John McCain lost somewhere in this recent article Carly Fiorina touts McCain's tech credentials:

McCain: Thanks for continuing to back me for President Carly. I really appreciate it. Even though I don't know anything about technology except for what people tell me, I'm sure glad you're behind me touting me as technology literate.

Fiorina: No problem John boy. After I sunk HP into the ground it only makes sense that I back someone like you because it can only help my public persona. Just make sure to think of me when you're vetting possible VP candidates.

McCain: Sure Carly. Btw - what's HP?

Fiorina: It was the company I used to work for John - we made C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R-S - and misc. other things I didn't really have the time to check out.

McCain: Oh yeah - computers. I like those. I can download naked pictures from places like Facebook with a computer.

Fiorina: No you can't John. Facebook is a social networking site.

McCain: Are you sure Carly? I thought I could download hot naked pictures of women in their 50's - because you know I like 'em young....

Fiorina: Ummm....forget about Facebook John. Twittering is where it's at.

McCain: Twittering?

Fiorina: Yes. It's...


Fiorina: No John, Twittering is...

McCain: Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Fiorina: John...please stop that.

McCain: What's wrong Carly? I'm just twittering myself like you told me too. Shouldn't I be doing this to show that I'm hip and down and technology oriented?

[Fiorina has a long disgusted pause but can't seem to turn away]

Fiorina: You know what John, let's just call it a day. I'll see you tomorrow...

McCain: O.K. Carly, suit yourself. I'm just going to finish up my twitter session....