Get A Prop, Support The Arts

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thought I would post this because by buying something you'll also be supporting the Asian American theatre community:

The Pork Filled Players, ReAct Theatre, Rk Productions and SIS Productions are holding a Rummage Sale

Three of Seattle's well established "Fringe" theatre companies and a local photo/web production company are holding a rummage sale on the weekend of July 26th and 27th from 10am to 6pm on Saturday the 26th, and from 11am to 4pm on Sunday the 27th. This rummage sale will take place at the Prima Vera Arts Center which is located in the Seattle Center area on the second floor of 112 5th Avenue North found on the block between Denny and John Steets and 5th & Taylor Avenues. Access to the second floor of the center is available through the breezeway in back of the building on the Taylor Avenue side. (Just North of Fat City Automotive and a block south of McDonalds)

Please join us at this terrific rummage sale which will feature costumes, clothing, small appliances, interesting theatre props, small furniture, equipment, books, knick knacks and lots of other great finds at bargain prices and all in support of the arts! If you have great condition rummage sale items you would like to donate for the theatres to sell, or to get additional information about the rummage sale, please contact: ReAct at 206-364-3283.

SIS Productions, ReAct and Pork Filled Players are all performing arts companies which focus on developing the writing, acting, production and producing skills of local Asian American and multi-cultural talent. Rk Productions offers photography and web design services as well as tutorials in PhotoShop.

The Repertory Actors Theatre strives to produce quality theatrical entertainment using primarily multi-ethnic and non-traditional casting, by:
• Giving theatre artists of all backgrounds and skill-levels the opportunity to work together on mainstream projects that they might not normally have access to due to race, sex, age, or experience.
• Using our productions to help raise awareness, supplies and financial support for humanitarian and theatre-related charities and organizations.
• Developing in the general public, an increased appreciation for the dramatic and performing arts.

SIS Productions is a production company that strives to create, develop and produce quality works that involve Asian American women, their themes, and Asian American issues. SIS Productions encourages opportunities and support for Asian American women to be involved in all aspects of the production of artistic endeavors.

Since 1997, the Pork Filled Players have fielded both Seattle’s oldest sketch comedy group and the region’s longest running Asian American theatre group. They have appeared at Bumbershoot, Seattle Sketchfest the nation’s first non-profit sketch comedy festival;), SketchOff@%#? (Vancouver, BC), the first Asian North American sketch comedy festival); and the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival. Equally adept at sketch comedy and traditional theatre, the Players use humor to whack away at notions of race, politics and social norms in 21st CenturyAmerica. The Players are fully armed in their mission to achieve maximum tongue-in-cheekiness, biting cultural and political satire and hilarious racial disharmony with their brand of Amazing Kung-Fu Griptm zaniness.
If you're in the area get on down and pick up some cool stuff - and support some great Asian American theatres.