Project Slasher: Jerry Tam

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Jerry:

Listen. I know you're a fashion designer who unlike some of the other contestants on Project Runway has his own business and is actually making some cash, and in that way you feel like you have to defend your work - and sure - you probably didn't deserve to go home more than Trash Bag Rocker Lady from the 70's with her "whipstitch garbage sack", but c'mon - how can you still stand behind that J-Horror costume you put together that looked like it should have been in Rampo Noir versus for a night out on the town?

Either way - I am still glad you made it on the show (and your intro was cool) and while I'd like to know that there's still another Asian American on Project Runway, I understand the 1 Asian American per show quota, so I'll just have to wait until next season to cheer on another AA.

O.K. - Here's to hoping I see your work in some new flicks.