Fallout Central Pulls The Plug

Friday, July 25, 2008

I have to admit that I even though I didn't listen to a ton of podcasts from the Asian American themed Fallout Central, I did listen to a few, and some of them were pretty good. - but according to their site, they won't be doing them anymore:

Dear Faithful Fallout Central Fans,

The last Fallout Central Podcast (for the foreseeable future) was held on Sunday, 7/20/08 at 2:00pm ET. The Fallout Central Podcast, formerly composed of announcers William Lee, Albert Lim, and John Kwak, will no longer be recorded until an Asian American person steps forward to lead Fallout Central. The historical podcast episodes and news archive will remain intact until I am no longer willing to pay for the retention of the Fallout Central web server which currently houses the podcasts that have been recorded, or until an Asian American person steps forward to pay for the maintenance of it.

If you would like to step up to the plate and take control of Fallout Central, please contact me, William Lee, at william@falloutcentral.com. I would be happy to assist you in either purchasing your own podcasting equipment (I have very detailed knowledge on every aspect of podcast broadcasting, and I can easily teach you how to do it) or give you FREE studio time at the Fallout Central studio in NYC. All of us (William, Albert, and John) would be happy to serve as announcers on the Fallout Central Podcast, but none of us want to invest the time to lead and produce it.

William Lee
Fallout Central
I guess it was good while it lasted.