Profile & Video: G-N From Chio in the morning

Friday, July 18, 2008

Because you always want more hats, here's Asian American DJ G-N from Philadelphia's Wired 96.5 talking about hats:

Here's G-N's 96.5 profile:

Co-host/Female Voice

G-N was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to Arizona when she was just a year old. It's a surprise she talks for a living considering she didn't learn to talk until the late age of 3. Now she is bi-lengual in English and Korean. She's close with her parents and considers her brother one of her best friends. She graduated from the University of Arizona and moved to the East Coast in 2006.

Oprah, Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City, myspace, all types of music even country, fake eye lashes, Spas, MAC cosmetics, dimples on guys, designer shoes and purses but cheap tops and bottoms, reality shows, scalp massages, animals I can feed, my sidekick, feather beds and sheets over 800 thread count, being scratched while falling asleep, so much more...

Crickets, hang nails, when I have a double chin in pictures, fancy foods like escargot and caviar, bad breath/odor,

Reading books and magazines, dancing, watching tv/movies, shopping, traveling, rock climbing, dining out, running, tanning, learning anything new, taking pictures, etc.

Things Most people dont know:
This might be hard to believe but I graduated from The University of Arizona in just 3 years. I love cleaning and doing laundry. I've had 3 root canals, burned myself trying to make stupid things, went skydiving, am a sorority drop out, and will try anything once! By the way, my wedding ring finger is size 4.5.