Hot Track: Ishida Yuko

Friday, July 18, 2008

Definitely a slick vibe from the artist formally known as Juan. Check out the song and the video for Changes.

Here's some more info on Ishida Yuko from Wiki.ThePPN:

Ishida Yuko made her debut in 2001 as a member of the dance unit SOUL TIGER, from the television program Batoraku. She also auditioned for ASAYAN. A year later she was awarded Miss Magazine's Reader Special Award and in 2003 made the image girl of Teijin.

When making her debut as a musical artist in 2005, she changed her stage name to "Juan". Her first single's tracks were a throwback to popular Western songs of the 1980s. When she released her album three months later, she had a slightly more sexed-up image and included R&B influences in many of the tracks on the album, although a handful of the songs are 1980s-styled.

With her mini-album released in September 2006, Juan completely changed her style to R&B/hip-hop and took her sexy image a step further by wearing even less clothing in promotional videos and the album booklet. However, this mini-album was the last thing she released as Juan.

In 2007, Ishida became an image girl for Triumph, and in 2008 she released her "debut" single, "Missin' U", under her gravure name as a tie-in for the brand. She also won the Grand Prix award for ZAKZAK's "ZAK THE QUEEN" competition of 2007.