Do We Really Care That Much About Sarah Silverman?

Monday, July 14, 2008

So I as perusing The Huffington Post today I came across this article on little old racist Sarah Silverman (because did you ever see Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic? and some of her older "bits") and I kind of wondered to myself two things: Is this really news? and Why the hell am I clicking to read on this story anyway? and it occurred to me that a.) People still don't see her "comedy" for what it really is - a little white girl who thinks saying words like ni**** and ch*** is funny (with nothing satirical whatsoever to say on matters of race and racism) and that b.) I think in some ways I can't help but read an article like this on her because deep down I'm just that type of a person who really finds a lot of cheer in anything having to do with her misery - especially rejoicing in the fact that she won't be getting any more airtime on late-night network television since she's not screwing the host of the show anymore.

You can call me petty - but I just think of myself as really being more slantalicious.