That's F'd Up

Monday, July 21, 2008

I just can't help but want to kick someone in the balls when I hear stories about people getting kidnapped because it's just like "What the hell?" can't you just get a damn job or something?

I mean who in their right mind does things like this except some lazy S.O.B who really doesn't care about anyone except themselves:

Four armed men barged Sunday night into the house of Filipino-American Ver Loyola in the resort city of Tagaytay, south of Manila, tied up his wife and maid, and then drove away with Loyola and his 19-year-old daughter, Cristina, a regional police report said.

The assailants also took two cell phones, assorted jewelry worth $1,570 and $1,900 in cash, the report said.

Three hours later, the kidnappers abandoned Loyola and the car in a nearby town but demanded a ransom for the daughter, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details with the media.

He said the kidnappers were demanding $67,400 for her release.
And I have to ask the question - what's up with the $67,400? Did they think to themselves that they better not round up to $68,000 because it might seem like too much or something?

I just hope these dumbasses get caught and popped into a nice dark jail cell and that everyone ends up being safe.

Crossing my fingers.