Anoop: It Was Good While It Lasted

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Anoop,

Well - it was a fun ride and in a lot of ways you still won because you'll be going on tour with the AI troupe and there's a lot to be said for that - so keep your head up.

You've done us proud.

At the same time, you know I can't help but ask the question of if people just weren't ready for an Asian American Desi Idol winner (or at least a top 5) because let's face it - other than a few of your wardrobe choices you had some pretty rock solid performances, and while some of the WBs got away with doing their own thing, sounding kind of karaoke themselves, getting a judges' pardon, lacking star power - or being surrounded by groups of fans for the money call in shot - people just looked at you a little different.

But I guess you knew that going into this - at least a little - that you'd have to sing twice as good as everyone else just to make people say you did "all right" and in the end - well - it's just the way the Abdul percocets.

Stay up and see ya on tour,