Yes - Just To Answer Your Question - Some People Still See Us As Outsiders

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So The Committee of 100 (a Chinese American group) did a nationwide survey that took a look at the how the Asian American population was looked at - and if it's changed - since 2001.

Guess what they found?

You probably already guessed it from the title of the post.

Yeah - people do love us - I mean we're winning Oscars, we're getting behind the scenes in media, we're scaling new heights in the political arena - in a lot of ways - you'd think we're really making some progress.

And we are.

But in the back of my mind (and didn't I have a conversation about this a while ago with myself during the Olympics) - I know it's still there.

That thought that no one really wants to say.

And while polls can be shifted in different ways to make them sometimes seem what you want (it was conducted with around 1500 participants nationwide) - who really wants this?

Fears over China are hitting the US image of Asian-Americans, as their loyalties come under suspicion despite steady improvements in perceptions of the community, a survey said. The Committee of 100, a Chinese-American group, conducted a nationwide survey to look at changes since its major study in 2001 on attitudes toward Asian-Americans [...]

45 percent of the general public believed Asian-Americans were more loyal to their nations of origin than the United States -- up from 37 percent at the beginning of the decade [...]

"There is increasing acceptance of Asian-Americans as people who are equals with the right to take part in democracy and are no different from white or black Americans," Wu told AFP Tuesday.

"But coupled to that, there is also a great sense among a significant part of the population that they are not quite 'real' Americans," he said.
Maybe it was a bad sample?