Pirates Have Wicked Dogs: Thailand Edition

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random stories that have caught my eye:

1. The Presidential White House poochie Bo.

Seriously. Who knew a dog could get this much attention. Shelter, no shelter, purebred, broken promises - when's the last time a dog stirred up this much controversy? Bo's got a UK blog (and apparently writes as a Republican and actually doesn't like the Obamas, or his name) - and yes - he's also got his own book coming out (that's legit) - it's going to be called "Bo, America's Commander in Leash".

2. You can play it like this wasn't a surprise all you want, but I don't think anyone at the beginning of the year said to themselves "I think this year we're going to be reading about more news about pirates".

3. Honestly, I've kind of lost track of who I should be rooting for in Thailand. Red shirts, Yellow shirts - maybe they'll throw in a little burnt orange? While it seems to be calming down a little - at least for now - I just hope they get this sorted out soon because there're some elephants that are dying to get me in a 21 rematch (because I schooled 'em last time).

And that concludes this random post.