Hmong History Month: Straight Outta Wausau

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just thought I'd kick it Wausau style (because that just sounds deep) and post up a portion from an article on Hmong History Month from the WDH last week:

Hmong History Month has become a valued part of the calendar here, as the Hmong population celebrates its cultural heritage through songs, stories, readings and meals [...]

What is different this year is the extent to which young people in the community have been involved in planning and carrying out the events. Peter Yang of the Hmong Association and Thomas Lee of the Wausau-Marathon County Diversity Affairs Office have made an intentional effort this year to involve a new generation, and by all indications it is paying off.

The participation of Kou Lee, the 29-year-old owner of the Tea Palace in Wausau; Hlee Xiong Lee, 20, an advocate at The Women's Community; Bao Vang, the WSAW-TV anchor, and others in planning the events is itself something worth celebrating.

They should be applauded for stepping up and getting involved with Hmong History Month. Leaders Yang and Lee deserve some credit, too, for recognizing the value of involving the next generation of leaders in planning and decision-making for the community.
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