Goodbye Caachi Films

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sitting in my inbox was an e-mail that said the following:

Dear Caachi Customers and Filmmakers,

With great reluctance, we at Caachi Films have made the decision to close starting April 30, 2009 due to resource limitations. We wish to thank all of you who have supported us these past two years. You have our most heartfelt gratitude.
Films purchased from Caachi will be available until April 29, 2009.
We will send any royalties due from film sales to filmmakers during the first week of May, 2009.

For further correspondence with Caachi, please contact us at

Caachi Films
If it's tough out there for filmmakers - it's gotta be tougher sometimes for the startup projects and sites that are looking to give them a venue.

Caachi wasn't the largest video site on the Web - but what it did have, and was starting to get more of, were filmmaker voices from around the world including Asian Americans -- were they got a cut of the transactions and buys.

It was a good idea and I thought it was gaining traction.

But I guess in the end - it just didn't have the resources to end up being what it wanted too.

Definitely have to give them their due for trying through.