Film I Keep On Passing Up At The Video Store

Friday, April 17, 2009

You know I love me some Michelle Yeoh And Michelle Krusiec (aka K&K), but I just can't help but keep on passing this up in the video store (I think it's been like a year now since it came out on DVD):

Saiva (Michelle Yeoh) was pronounced evil by a shaman who witnessed her birth: any person who comes near her will fall to harm. Cast out from her tribe, Saiva has survived into adulthood accompanied by the young girl Anja (Michelle Krusiec) she has raised, living a simple existence in tents, dependent on any available food, and always in hiding from a strange pursuing army of soldiers: flashbacks show how Saiva had been physically abused by this strange band of wandering men. When danger approaches, the two women simply move on. Saiva finds an injured and starving soldier Yoki (Sean Bean) who is likewise escaping from the marauding band, and brings him into her tent, nursing him to health, exchanging signs of friendship to a stranger that seems so natural yet so foreign to guarded Saiva. As Yoki recovers, Anja's curiosity about love and men is heightened and soon Anja and Yoki are planning to strike out on their own. When Saiva witnesses the passion between the two people in her life, she reacts as a threatened animal and the horrors that follow echo across the frozen ice of her isolated life.
Two semi-sane Asian women go batshit over a white dude - and it's not even that he's a white dude (even though that story's been played out to all hell as we know) it's that the white dude is Sean Bean - outside of LOTR who the hell is he? If they're going to go batshit over a white guy at least let it be someone like JT (because that white boy's got some moves).