Taiyo Na, Heather Park, Parisa Montazaran, Malan Breton, And Your Asian American Idol (2)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You've heard me talk about Asian American Idol II before - and just in case you needed a little extra something to help get you in the door next Tuesday I thought I'd through this info out your way:

This spectacular evening will be hosted by dynamic singer/songwriter/MC Taiyo Na and presided over by our panel of celebrity judges: Parisa Montazaran (singer / The Real World Sydney), Heather Park (singer and musician), and Malan Breton (designer / Project Runway).
So there you have it - karaoke, celebrity judges - and who knows - if you're lucky - maybe Taiyo Na and Heather Park with sing a little something as well.

Did I hear someone say duet?