Four Nights Only, Paper Angels, Genny Lim

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You've heard me talk about Paper Angels in a past post and now you can see it starting next Wednesday for a limited four night engagement.

Check the info below:

“Paper Angels” by Genny Lim
The seminal play about the Chinese Exclusion Act

Exclusive Engagement
Opens April 29, 2009 for 4 nights only

DATE: Wednesday, April 29th through Saturday, May 2nd
Special Post-Show Discussion on Friday, April 30th with Peter Kwong, author of Chinese America: The Untold Story of America's Oldest New Community.

SHOW TIMES: Wednesday through Friday at 8:00PM, Saturday at 3:00PM

LOCATION: Speyer Hall at University Settlement
184 Eldridge Street, bet. Rivington and Delancey

TICKETS: $18 adult, $15 student/senior


New York, NY – Direct Arts in conjunction with The Performance Project @ University Settlement presents a workshop production of PAPER ANGELS by Genny Lim, Wednesday, 29 April to Saturday, 2 May 2009 for four performances only in New York’s Chinatown district.

Set in 1915, long before Arab-Americans were being targeted as unwanted émigrés, PAPER ANGELS explores America's historic ambivalence over immigration through a group of Chinese detainees on Angel Island, the Ellis Island of the West Coast. Few people know that from 1882 to 1943, the Chinese were prohibited from immigrating to America through the Chinese Exclusion Act, giving the Chinese the dubious distinction of being the only ethnic group to have specifically been banned against coming to America.

A compelling and incisive script that not only probes racism, but also takes swipes at Confucianism and class discrimination, PAPER ANGELS was last seen on the New York City stage in 1982 at the New Federal Theatre. Dusting off this prescient gem two decades later amidst worldwide debates on immigration and after controversies surrounding detention of Muslims at Guantánamo, Direct Arts’ new production of PAPER ANGELS will incorporate archival footage of Angel Island, a 2-piece traditional Chinese music ensemble, Chinese Opera, and an ensemble of 12 multi-ethnic actors including Obie Award winner Jojo Gonzalez (The Romance of Magno Rubio) as a long-time Californ’ caught in the net of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

The cast includes Robert Fitzsimmons, Jojo Gonzalez, Wai Ching Ho, Kenji, Kerry Huang, Heland Lee, Victoria Linchong, Doan Ly, Scott Sowers, Amy Staats and Helen Tong. On April 30th, there will be a post-show discussion Peter Kwong, author of Chinese America: The Untold Story of America's Oldest New Community.