Guru: The Rice Bunny

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've told myself and I think you that the one time I did a post on makeup that it would in fact be my last post on anything makeups related (because I'm a dude who doesn't wear makeup), but you know what - Asian Americans - particularly young Asian American women are really taking the makeup/DIY world by storm on YouTube.

Take for example Michele Phan, also known as Rice Bunny who's a GURU on YouTube for makeup/beauty tips. She has close to 92,000+subscribers, over 2.5 million channel views since starting up in '06, has sponsors, and apparently also has an upcoming skincare line.

I mean how's that for pretty damn cool?

And I'll be completely honest with you.

I couldn't help but get sucked in to which facial brush works the best in the "Clarisonic vs Sun" video which you can watch below (and I'm just chalking this up to the fact that I'm a guy, and well, guys like battles, any sort of battles, even battles about face brushes).

Check out more on Michelle Phan at her YouTube Channel.