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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's been a little bit since I posted up some reader comments from various posts, so here are some from around the last month.

From Roun Dye on The Most Racist Statements Made By A White Celeb Or Politician In 2008 and 1/2 A Man: Charlie Sheen Goes On A Racist Rant:

1. Someone's a little sensitive, huh? Grow some balls. You idiots are perpetuating this whole "racism" thing as much as anyone else. Your entire website is racist! Imagine if I started a website with info purely about white people and website white people could go to.

Look at the stuipid Asian Excellence Awards: what a racist load of CRAP! Any Asian actor is able to receive Oscars and other awards in the USA. Why do you need your own "special" awards that excludes whites, blacks, hispanics, etc? What if we started the White America Master Awards? The WAMAs. No! We can't! That would be racist!

Go fuck yourselves.

2. Get over it, ching chong.
Slanty's Note: You don't have to imagine a Website which is started by and devoted to White People by White People - its' called "Stuff White People Like" (they have a book out too) - you also have FOX News - and 98.5% of all media.

From Shoyi Cheng On Stage: American Hwangap:

I went to see the show last night and highly recommend everyone to check it out. The play is very well written with lots of humor as well as emotional elements that many people can relate to. Plus a stellar cast and an intimate setting, this is surely a wonderful show not to be missed.
From JC On MetroDad On T.V.? And Is He Going To Be A White Guy?:

There are a lot of AA working behind the camera. The issue is with AA, especially men in front of the camera. If he sells-out and made the lead white, the show would loose the favor and be just another white sitcom. I really hope MetroDad stick to his Guns... I would be very disappointed if he takes the money and make HIMSELF white.
From anon and travp 16 On Thoughts On Jiverly Wong And The Binghamton Shootings At The American Civic Association:

anon: Moral of this story is if you see an irritated Asian in the room, get out and get out quickly. And don't pick on them. They don't miss.

This Vietnamese guy: 13 kills
Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho (Korean): 32 kills
Wisconsin hunter Chai Soua Vang (Hmong): 6 kills

travp 16: Moral of that last post: If you want to be a dumbass and racist follow said comments.

I totally agree with your last paragraph. People shouldn't have to apologize for the wrongs one person of their ethnicity and it is unfortunate that some people feel they have too. I hate when people say "Why do black males do this and that, blah, blah blah..."Just because they are of the same ethnicity as me does not mean all males in my community are like that. I am afraid of the onslaught that IS bound to occur by ignorant folk toward Asian American males. It's 2009, look how "far" the human race has come.

Ahh bigotry, if only you could cease to exist.
From Paul G. Bens, Jr. On Jaime From The Amazing Race: I Just Don't Like You:

I'm with you. Jaimee pissed me off the way she was treating everyone and her condescension. I mean how dare people in Thailand speak Thai and not English! The nerve.
From Wade Simmons And Byron On The New UC-Berkeley Admissions Policy:

Wade: Of course you say its racism, because you can not open your eyes wide enough to see..... (now that's racism for you).

In reality, this is simply affirmative action for white people (and others). It s goal, just as affirmative action for blacks and women during the civil rights era, is to prevent one race from dominating the others.

Byron: It's good to see someone finally calling the system out on this legalized discrimination against Asian Americans. Daniel Golden once addressed Affirmative Action's de-facto racism against Asians, and people just ignored his findings in order to talk about diversity. It's good to see someone speaking out.
From Stella On Joe Jonas: More Dumbass White Kids Do The Chink Eye:

Jesus Christ! I can't believe they're doing it again! You're right this whole thing just smacks of, "Pfft you think you can tell me what to do? How dare you? I'm white, I'm untouchable. Look at this!"

Its bad enough when people refuse to acknowledge their privilege but then you get people who are downright cocky assholes about it. And Disney doesn't apologize because they don't feel threatened. I quote, "Fuck you too Disney."
From Eric Chan On Getting Interracial: Akira's Hip Hop Shop:

I just watched it On Demand via Amazon.com and I think the point of the movie is they (and the audience) discover they're part of the same world.

Worth checking out.
From Biscuitnapper On And Miley Cyrus Goes Chink Eye:

Umm... quite the opposite, I think. And it may not be that everything a white person does is racist, but there is such thing as history, and a lot of this kind of thing has layers of white privilege for some of us non-whites. If slavery is part of what has made you what you are now, forgetting the past is futile, because then you can't find a sustainable solution for the future. That's what I've found, anyway, for any contemporary issue, not just racial issues.

Seriously, can't we (non white/white allies) just have a space where we can say 'I think this is racially skanky', without another white person saying 'you're the ones who are actually being racist/GET OVR IT'. I mean, I get why some of you do it (offering another perspective and all that), but it's rather annoying and a bit rude, to say the least.
From loud and proud On A Quick Letter To The NY Times And Deborah Baldwin:

Thanks for posting this!