Rin On The Rox Gets Tortured

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You've heard me talk about Rin On The Rox in the past and I got sent this info via a comment/e-mail about their new single called Torture from a fan:

An update on Rin on the Rox:

Rin on the Rox's first single "Torture" is now available on iTunes! Their YouTube fans are loving it! Their home-made music video for "Torture" is on YouTube (www.youtube.com/hiphoprinrox) Erin and Roxanne have also been busy developing their website (www.rinontherox.net) which has pics, bios, faqs, video links, and t-shirts for sale. Rin on the Rox recently performed at San Francisco State University and will be performing again on April 18th at Stanford University. Their hope is to raise enough money from the sale of the "Torture" single and t-shirts that they will be able to afford to record a whole album. They are depending on the FANS to spread the word about Rin on the Rox. So please keep the BUZZ going!

Check out the homemade video they made for their new single (with the quick notes from the YouTube vid site):

*FYI* This was a HOME MADE VIDEO just to clear that up for everyone who thinks this was supposed to be professionally done. We wanted to have a FUN and ENTERTAINING music video for the RELEASE of our FIRST SONG. We're not making any money from all of this, so everything we've been doing has been possible through our friends and family. Many people spent a lot of time and effort in making this video for us, so we would really appreciate it if everyone just took the video for what it is, which is just a HOME VIDEO to PROMOTE our FIRST SINGLE... =D