Meg And Dia, World Premieres, Black Wedding, And Getting A Listen To The New Album

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of the first music posts I think I put up on this blog when it was still down in its Wordpress days was for Magnetic North and Meg And Dia - and I'm glad that I can still keep on posting on both of them - because it means I'm still listening to great music.

The above video for "Black Wedding" had its world premiere down on MTV a couple days ago.

Pick up Meg And Dia's new album here, here and here April 21st and make sure to catch them on tour at the Warped Tour.

Can't Wait To Listen To The New Album? Check It Out Now

How cool is this - if you can't wait until the release date to hear it you can go to their myspace page now at where they have it available for streaming.

I just started listening to it right now and hit the track "Here, Here and Here" right away - and definitely - that's the way music was meant to be.