Extortion The Parsippany NJ Way

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asian on Asian crime? Or non-Asian speaking Chinese on Asian crime?

Either way - I hope they catch whoever is trying to extort $$$ from Asian businessmen:

Police said Wednesday they are investigating, in conjunction with the FBI, alleged extortion threats against four Asian-American business owners. The owners told police that they were all recently contacted via telephone by a "Chinese-speaking male" who threatened to injure them and set their businesses on fire if he was not paid $20,000, according to police.

The male caller purportedly alluded to ties with Chinese organized crime. Police said that similar threats across the U.S. have been reported by Asian-Americans, though none of the victims were contacted afterwards and none of the threats have been carried out. The phone calls appear to be originating from China, police said.
Be my friend Godfather?