Saturday, April 11, 2009

Word from around the way:

Journalist Held in Iran

Saberi, whose father is Iranian and mother is Japanese, is being held in Evin Prison, just north of Tehran. The prison is known for its tendency to hold political prisoners. Her parents visited her last Sunday, and on Thursday her father called for his daughter’s release, saying he will not leave Iran until she is free.
Racial Breakdown In US Sports Including MLB, NFL, NBA, & MLS

I stumbled across this very interesting diagram illustrating the racial breakdown of professional sports organizations in the US. The diagram includes the breakdown for Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLS), and the National Football League (NFL).

Here’s the breakdown...
Singh: Reclaiming My Roots, And My Name
My whole life Singh has been my middle name, often amounting to just a middle initial. The last name passed down by my father was always much more predominant and visible. About a year ago, I started making an intentional effort to always use Singh in my name, followed by my last name. And now I have decided to drop my given family name all together.
You're damn right she's english proficient
A little more on the good news we heard the other day... Lori Phanachone, the Laotian American high school honor student in Iowa who faced suspension for refusing to take the school district's mandatory English language exam, will indeed be reclassified as an English proficient student.
Gaysian = Fun
Vermont joins Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa--which legalized gay marriage last week--in recognizing same-sex unions. New Hampshire and Maine are apparently considering similar moves, and Washington D.C.'s City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the district. Even though equal marriage rights in our state of California are in bad shape right now, this is progress, people.

Of course, not everyone thinks so.
Not So Fast, Justin Lin!
I have been a long supporter of creative arts by minorities in this country and will continue to do so because I feel it is my duty, especially works by Asian Americans. Yes, I was one of those Asian folks that went to go support Justin Lin's growing popularity as a mainstream silver screen director. I could've waited till the DVD release, but since I'm such a nice fucking guy I spent 20 bucks helping out a brother. I've seen all of his movies, from Shopping For Fangs, Better Luck Tomorrow, all the way to last week's release of Fast and Furious. But as I've seen his progress develop over time, I am by no measures impressed -- to say the least.
Blake and Eric Make an Action Flick
Editor’s note: Please click on comments below to hear from the Producer of Dogs of Chinatown, Blake Faucette and lead actor, Eric Jacobus.

Eric: Dude, let’s totally make an action movie!

Blake: Dude! How did we NOT think of this before?

Eric: Dude! Let’s start a movie company called Contour cause I like the contour of my Asian girlfriend’s back!

Blake: And I totally DRIVE a Ford Contour!

Eric: I know! Right? Let me try writing up the plot. *PUFF* *PUFF* *COUGH* Alright. I got it. Here goes:

Contour’s Eric Jacobus stars as Jack, a down on his luck dude who thinking of ending his own life one night, steps into a mob hit and saves the life of a young woman, Jin (Thi). She turns out to be the mistress of a local Chinese kingpin who is impressed with Jack’s nerve and people killing skills. He offers Jack a position in his ‘family’ sending him to train in the arts of martial, war and murder. Adapting to his new lifestyle with vigour, Jack becomes an elite killing machine but cannot stop his growing feelings for Jin. Soon the two are lovers and torn between his loyalty to his new ‘family’ and that of his woman, Jack sets out on a deadly course of action which will see the city’s gangs turning violently against one another and Jack and Jin fighting for their freedom and lives.

Blake: But Eric, we need like, race wars, violence and nude Chinese bitches, you know what I mean? My frat boys back at BC ain’t gonna watch it if there’s none of that.
"I'll Have the Double Double Standard, please."
Last weekend, I was at a bar in Palo Alto with a friend who was set to go back to his home country of Canada. The bar was filled mostly with Stanford folks (read: male and awkward) and as I was scanning the bar to see if there was an empty table, I got stopped by a white dude and his friend.

White Dude: I like your scarf. I like your bracelet.

Me: Thanks.

White Dude: What's that bracelet made out of?

Me: It's called wood.