A Quick Letter To The Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wazzup Motherfuckers!

So I heard you lost the case which 11 of my people brought up against you, which basically called you out for systematically passing them over for promotions while at at the same time subjecting them to racial slurs, derogatory remarks, and charging them with false disciplinary actions (hindering any sort of promotion) even though they had the qualifications.

Now while I'm obviously glad you lost (even though I think the $1.6 million judgment was a little on the light side) I just had to ask how you discriminate against a 9/11 hero who was rescuing people from the North Tower of the WTC (see David Lim)?

How do you NOT give that guy a promotion?

I mean is your memory that short?

9/11 didn't mean that much to you?

Getting the reach around from Osama on the side?

Two words: You're Un-American.