Interview: Keiko Agena And Ming Doyle

Monday, April 06, 2009

Forget the fact that there's a site out there called - because I thought that show went off the air quite some time ago - they do have a good interview with Keiko Agena and Ming Doyle about their Secret Identities strip "Learn to Share":

Keiko Agena was paired up with Ming Doyle for their story, ‘Learn to Share’. This was their first time working together, which Ming calls an “honor” and Keiko saying Ming was “amazing throughout this experience.” - How did you get involved with the ‘Secret Identities’ anthology?

Keiko Agena: I’m good friends with Parry Shen who is one of the editors of the book. He approached me a few months ago and asked me if I was interested in submitting anything. - What was your inspiration behind writing Learn to Share?

Keiko Agena: When I first heard about the project this image of a young girl isolated from the rest of the world came to mind. I was attracted to this sense of her lonliness and separation.
For the full interview see GGN dot com.