Getting To Know You: Lally Ferro

Monday, April 06, 2009

I didn't know about Lally Ferro before this - and I still don't know a lot about her - but from this article that I just read down at - she's seems pretty damn cool:

Now retired from the Jacksonville Port Authority, where she worked for 21 years as an accountant and ultimately as finance director, Ferro continues to be a familiar figure in Jacksonville's Filipino-American community, as well as in the Asian-American community.

Among other things, Ferro chairs the Mayor's Asian-American Advisory Board, a board that was established during the administration of former Mayor John Delaney, to focus on the needs of Asian-Americans, who make up nearly 3 percent of Jacksonville's population.

Ferro continues to play a huge role in organizing the annual World of Nations celebration, scheduled for Thursday, April 30, to Sunday, May 3, at Metropolitan Park, and in the Filipino-American Council, which is the umbrella group for all the area's Filipino associations. On top of that, Ferro still finds time to teach accounting to adult students enrolled in community education courses at Mandarin High School.
Read it in full here.