Just In Time: Jet Li

Monday, December 01, 2008

For any of you Jet Li fans out there, TIME has a nice three page article on the film star and philanthropist talking about his non-profit the One Foundation, the three movies he's made that tell everything he wants to say to the world, and getting it on with Donatella Versace (o.k. - that last part isn't true - but she is in the article...):

Established in April 2007, the One Foundation is Li's contribution toward that balance, and for its sake he has taken time out from films, becoming a full-time relief worker and traveling tirelessly on foundation business. This month he is set to appear at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Hong Kong. "Philanthropy is my passion and my life now," he says. "I wake up and eat and I'm thinking about it. I'm still thinking in the bath. I talk to everyone I can." It is difficult to name any other A-list celebrity, not even Bono, who has made such a total commitment. There are plenty who touch down in Africa between albums or movies, but none has actually walked off the job as Li has done, at the top of his game.
Read it in full here.